Why Elkstone

We add value to your insurance policies through our years of experience and by offering you multiple options. In an ideal world, you’d shop around for the best insurance you could find at the lowest price, but there are two problems—time and expertise.

  • Time—It’s time consuming to contact multiple companies for quotes, and differences in policy details make apples-to-apples comparisons between policies difficult.
  • Expertise—Understanding policy details is tough, too. Would you rather spend time learning in-depth insurance terminology or talk to an expert who can explain things to you?

As an independent insurance agency representing several insurance companies (including Travelers, Progressive, Safeco, The Hartford, and more), Elkstone can shop around for the best prices while suggesting low cost coverage options and discounts you may not be aware of. This saves you time and money, and gives you the confidence that you have the right coverage and the best price, based on your unique needs.

Agent Martin Sajbel has almost 25 years of experience as an insurance agent, and his detailed knowledge of the companies he represents, including their policies, coverage, and prices, will add value and work to your advantage.

In addition to getting the insurance coverage you need at a price you can afford, when you call Elkstone, you can speak to a human being without wading through phone menus and speaking to a different person every time. Marty can help you with:

  • Shopping for new coverage
  • Understanding the details of your policies
  • Making changes to your policies
  • Questions about claims

Old-fashioned customer service isn’t dead. Call Elkstone now at 303-716-0970.

Captive vs. Independent Insurance Agents

There are two types of insurance agencies—captive and independent:

  • A captive insurance agent sells policies from only one insurance company, limiting the coverage and pricing options they offer. A captive insurance agent works for the insurance company; their expenses are partially covered by the insurance company they work for, and they often earn a salary and commissions.
  • An independent insurance agent can sell policies from several companies. These agents work for you, the customer, not the insurance companies. Independent agents are compensated by a commission paid by the insurance company, and there are no additional costs to the consumer aside from the price of the policy. Because independent agents are paid by commissions (not a salary), they have a vested interest in keeping their clients happy and well-served.