Safeco’s RightTrack Discount

What is RightTrack? RightTrack is an optional discount you could add to your auto policy that could save you up to 30% off all your auto policy coverage except the uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage.  RightTrack tracks your driving, via RightTrack app you would load on your phone(s). The evaluation period would be for 90 [ Read the full article… ]

Traveler’s IntelliDrive Discount

Traveler’s IntelliDrive Discount is a great way for responsible and safe drivers to save money on their Auto Policy. You will initially save 10% on your premium just by signing up. When you sign up, you will need to download the Travelers IntelliDrive application on your phone. The application will track your: Braking Acceleration Speed [ Read the full article… ]

Progressive’s Snapshot Discount

Snapshot is the name of Progressive’s telematics discount that tracks you and your household members driving via an app on your phone or a device plugged in your vehicle. The discount starts out with a 15% discount and can increase to 45% if you and your household members drive well. There is a small chance [ Read the full article… ]