Safeco’s RightTrack Discount

What is RightTrack?

RightTrack is an optional discount you could add to your auto policy that could save you up to 30% off all your auto policy coverage except the uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage.  RightTrack tracks your driving, via RightTrack app you would load on your phone(s). The evaluation period would be for 90 days and that is it. During the 90 days you get a 10% discount, up front, just for participating. After the 90 days are over, each family member would earn a % discount (from zero percent to 30%) based on how well they drove. Poor drivers and non-participating household drivers would get zero percent but there is no risk of your rate increasing beyond what you are paying right now without the discount.  

The two links below have information and a video about the discount.

RightTrack® | Safeco Insurance

You might ask, “what does RightTrack track?” RightTrack tracks sudden acceleration, sudden stops, late night driving between midnight and 4 am and the amount of driving you do over 90 days. Each driver needs to drive at least 500 miles over 90 days to qualify for the discount. The more family members that participate the more concentrated the discount is. This is because each household driver earn a percentage discount, including nonparticipating family members who get a 0% discount. The final discount is calculated by adding up all household drivers’ discount and dividing it by the number of household drivers. For example, if John earned 22%, Betty earned 17% and Martha did not participate the discount would be 13% = ((22% + 17% + 0%)/3 drivers. Let’s say Marth participated and earned 15%, then the discount would be 18% = ((22% + 17% + 15%)/3 drivers.

If you would like to speak to a RightTrack Agent about this program, you can call 877-934-5335 from 5am – 8pm MST Monday through Friday.

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