Landlord tools for tenants

There is a really cool service for landlords I learned about that is free if you insure your rental properties through Foremost Insurance call Properly Rent. This is about a $400 value that is free to you as a Foremost Insurance customer.  Properly Rent can: Create Listings Accept applications Screen Tenants Take payments To better [ Read the full article… ]

Healthy Smoothie ingredients

I would like to share my nutrient packed smoothie recipe with you. I have variations of this smoothie about every other morning for breakfast and I haven’t been sick all year long. I don’t claim it will prevent you from getting sick but several of the ingredients are known to straighten the immune system. Ingredients:• [ Read the full article… ]

What is an Insurance Declaration Page or Dec page?

The Declarations page(s) is part of the policy documents. To better understand what the declarations page is, it would be better to first describe what the “policy” is. The “policy” is the agreement that states the rights and duties of the insurance company and you, the insured. The “policy” of an insurance company, is the [ Read the full article… ]