What is “Class 4” rated roofing shingles and why should you have them?

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is a company that tests the impact resistance of roofing shingles to simulate how the roofing would stand up to hail. The test is called UL 2218 and is the standard test in the roofing industry. A roofing shingle tested under UL 2218 is given a rating from Class 1 to Class [ Read the full article… ]

What time of day does an auto or homeowners policy start or end?

Typically “most” insurance companies, start and stop, there polices at 12:01 AM (one minute after midnight). With that, the first day of your policy period you have coverage all that day. The last day of your policy period, you do not have coverage because it ended a minuet after that day started.

Emergency Vehicle Checklist

First Aid Kit, toilet paper stored in a zip-lock bag Flashlight (preferable a forehead mounted flashlight) with extra batteries Jumper Cables, tire chains/cables, and a tarp, extra old/cheap sunglasses Road flares or roadside lights or reflectors Pen, Pencil and paper, vehicle cell phone charger, and a “printed” out list of important phone numbers. Extra old [ Read the full article… ]