Progressive’s Snapshot Discount

Snapshot is the name of Progressive’s telematics discount that tracks you and your household members driving via an app on your phone or a device plugged in your vehicle. The discount starts out with a 15% discount and can increase to 45% if you and your household members drive well. There is a small chance your rate could increase if you drove poorly, but you have up to 45 days to opt out of Snapshot discount and they would just remove the initial 15% discount.

Snapshot tracks:

Hard Breaking (decreases in speed of about seven mph per second or greater.

Amount of driving time (The number of minutes that you spend driving)

Late night driving (The number of minutes you spend driving during high-risk hours between midnight and 4 a.m. on the weekend.)

Fast starts. (Fast starts are increases in speed of about nine mph per second or greater)

Trip regularity (The frequency with which you drive at the same time of day and same duration.)

Distracted Driving (The amount of time of handheld phone use while driving. This applies to customers who participate in Snapshot using the Snapshot mobile app on phones with sufficient technology.)

Customers can call the Snapshot department at 877-329-7283

From Progressive:

How Snapshot affects your insurance rate

If you enroll in Snapshot when you buy your policy, you’ll save immediately with a Participation Discount. If you continue to participate in the program, the discount will remain on your policy for up to two policy periods, or until we collect enough driving data to personalize your rate at your policy renewal.

Your Snapshot driving results are set at the end of each policy period. These results correspond to a discount for safer driving habits or an increase for riskier habits. Your driving results will be updated at the end of each policy period if we have collected enough driving data in that policy period.

If you stop participating more than 45 days after you sign up, we’ll remove any Participation Discount immediately. If we have collected enough driving information, we will use that to personalize your rate when your policy renews. If we have not collected enough driving information, we will apply a surcharge when your policy renews.