What is an Insurance Declaration Page or Dec page?

The Declarations page(s) is part of the policy documents. To better understand what the declarations page is, it would be better to first describe what the “policy” is. The “policy” is the agreement that states the rights and duties of the insurance company and you, the insured. The “policy” of an insurance company, is the same policy document others receive who are insured with that same insurance company. Each insurance company has its own policy. There are minor differences between each insurance company’s policies. An insurance company’s policy will detail the various types of coverage, what is and isn’t covered. The policy will also include duties after a loss and general provisions and start with definitions of key insurance words in the policy.

The insurance “declaration page” is unique to each person, or family, insured with the insurance company. The declarations page is what relates you to the insurance company’s policy. The insurance declaration page simply identifies who is insured, what is insured, when the policy takes effect, where the property is located, how much coverage is provided, and which package was selected. The name “declarations page” might infer that it is just one page long, but it could be several pages long. The pages will be numbers, for example, page 1 of 3. If a bank or mortgage company wants to see proof you have insurance on your vehicle, or house, you will want to find and forward all the pages of the declarations page. Make sure the declarations page is current and the end date is in the future.

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